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Custom Fashion Printing Metal Lapel Pin Badge with Colorful


Custom fashion printing metal lapel pin badge with colorful

customizable pins

Products Description
Item name  
Factory Direct Wholesale Custom Metal Enamel Lapel Pin  
Our services  
Lapel pins, challenge coins, medals, key chains, bottle openers, etc  
Brass, iron, stainless steel, zinc alloy  
Hard enamel, soft enamel, 3D, offset print, silk sreen print, etc  
Shiny gold, nickel, rose gold, silver; matte plating, antique plating, etc  
Pin back  
Smooth, sandy, gritty or with engraved logo  
0.8-3.0mm for pins  
Poly bag, PVC pouch, opp bag, plastic box, velvet pouch, etc  
Lead Time  
5-7days for samples
7-15 days for mass production after artwork approval
Shipping Method  
By air(FedEx, UPS, DHL), by sea, or by customer's agents  
Payment Method  
T/T, Western Union, Alipay and Paypal  
custom lapel pins no minimum  


custom enamel pins no minimum  
enamel pin custom  
customizable lapel pins  
custom pin maker  
custom metal pins  
custom label pins  


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Metal Lapel Pin  
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Lapel Pin  
custom label pins  
custom metal pins  
custom pin maker  


customizable lapel pins  
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enamel pin custom
custom enamel pins no minimum
custom lapel pins no minimum
customizable pins
Metal Lapel Pin  
Lapel Pin  

custom lapel pins no minimum 

Lapel Pin

Metal Lapel Pin 

custom label pins

Types of Metal Lapel Pins

A Metal Lapel Pin is a small circular piece of metal that attaches to the lapel of a jacket, suit coat, blazer or similar garment. It is a very versatile item that can be used to show allegiance to a cause or organization.

Generally, these items are worn on the left side of the lapel and can be either poked through the front of the lapel or remained hidden behind it. They are typically worn with blazers or suit jackets but can also be used with coats and tuxedos.There are many different types of Metal Lapel Pins available. They range from simple pins to more intricate 3D pins.

Die Struck

These pins are made with a die that has your design imprinted into the surface of a sheet of copper, brass or iron. The die is struck multiple times to ensure your design is imprinted into the metal.

Hard Enamel

Unlike die struck pins, hard enamel pins are created with glass enamel. The enamel is poured into the recesses of a die stuck brass base, and the colors are matched using Pantone Matching Colors. Once the enamel has cured, it is sanded and polished to produce a lustrous finish on the pin’s surface.


This type of enamel is a very unique feature of some lapel pins, as it has an array of transparent and textured backgrounds that can be combined to create a completely different look for your design!

Custom Label Pins are a great way to showcase your business or organization. They can help you get in front of a specific audience and generate new customers.

How to Get Your Custom Pins Made

If you’re interested in creating your own custom lapel pins, you’ll need to find a manufacturer who can take your designs and turn them into physical products. The process can be intimidating, but it’s easy if you know what you’re looking for ahead of time.

Choose the Style You Want

There are a few different styles of custom pins you can choose from when designing your lapel pins, including hard enamel and soft enamel. These types of pins offer a variety of color options and allow you to customize the design with paint.Lapel Pin

Typically, hard enamel pins are die struck and filled with enamel (full color) before they’re polished down to a smooth, glossy finish. These pins are a bit more durable and classy than soft enamel pins, though they can be a little expensive.

They are also available in a variety of sizes. They’re perfect for jewelry quality lapel pins, collar, backpack, or anywhere else you need a high-quality product.

If you’re looking for a more classic option, consider die-struck pins, which are created by pressing metals like iron or gold against a steel mold to create a design. They can be cloisonne-style, which adds color to the recessed areas of the design, or they can be opaque, which doesn’t have any recessed areas at all.

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