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Custom Poker Chips Metal Golf Ball Marker Wholesale Golf Challenge Coins


Custom poker chips Metal Golf Ball Marker wholesale golf challenge coins  

customized coins
Products Description
Souvenir Coins/ Challenge coins/ Commemorative Coins/ Proof Coins  
1.5", 1.75", 2", 2.25", 2.5", 3". also as your request  
Brass, Copper, Zinc alloy, Iron, Aluminum, etc.  
Die Struck /Die Casting  
Shiny Finished: Gold/Silver/Nickel/Copper/Brass
Antique Finished: Antique Gold/Antique Silver/Antique Copper/Antique Brass

Soft Enamel/Imitation Hard Enamel/Poly Enamel  
With/Without, as customer request  
Poly bag, PVC pouch, opp bag, plastic box, velvet pouch, etc  
Sample Time  
2D Design - 7days after artwork confirmed
3D design – 10 days after artwork confirmed

Lead Time  
12-20 days after sample confirmed  
Delivery time  
12-20 days for MOQ (after samples be approved)  
By Air express: DHL, FedEx, UPS, etc.
By Sea: from ShenZhen or HongKong port
Payment Method  
T/T, Western Union, Alipay and Paypal  
custom military coins  
customizable coins  
custom challange coin  
custom made coins  
custom challenge coins no minimum  
custom commemorative coins  
custom coins no minimum  
Metal Coin  
Medal Metal Coin Craft  
customized coins  
Customer Praise
custom military coins  


Products Process
customizable coins  
custom challange coin  
custom made coins  
custom challenge coins no minimum  
custom commemorative coins  
custom coins no minimum  
Company Profile
Metal Coin
Medal Metal Coin Craft
customized coins
custom military coins
customizable coins  
custom challange coin  
custom made coins  

customized coins

custom military coins

customizable coins

Customized Coins: A Symbol of Pride and Unity in the Military

Customized coins, often known as challenge coins, have a long-standing tradition within the military. These unique tokens hold great significance, representing camaraderie, achievements, and unity. In recent years, custom military coins have gained popularity, offering a personalized touch that enhances their value and importance. Let's delve deeper into the world of customized coins and discover why they hold such pride and meaning in the military.

The Significance of Customized Coins: Custom military coins hold immense sentimental value among service members. These coins are usually awarded to recognize outstanding achievements, commemorate deployments, or signify membership in a particular unit or division. Each coin is meticulously designed with symbols, logos, and text that reflect the unit's identity, values, and history. When presented, these coins represent a strong sense of pride and accomplishment. They serve as tangible reminders of the sacrifices made, the bonds formed, and the shared experiences that forge a resilient military community.

The Art of Personalization: What sets custom military coins apart is the ability to personalize them. Through customization, individuals can add their names, ranks, or specific accomplishments to the coin's design. This personal touch not only enhances the coin's value but also strengthens the emotional connection between the recipient and the coin. Customization allows service members to tell their unique stories and commemorate their individual contributions to the military. It fosters a sense of belonging, unity, and pride among the ranks, creating a lasting memento that can be passed down through generations.

A Time-Honored Tradition: The tradition of customized coins traces its origins back to World War I, where a wealthy lieutenant commissioned coins for his unit. One pilot's life was saved after carrying the coin in a pouch around his neck, later inspiring the tradition of challenging fellow service members to produce their coins. Today, this tradition thrives, with military personnel exchanging coins as a sign of respect and camaraderie. Custom military coins continue to honor this age-old tradition while embodying the values and achievements of modern military units.


Customized coins hold a special place in the hearts of service members, symbolizing their dedication, sacrifice, and pride. These personalized tokens reflect the unique stories and accomplishments of individuals within the military. As the tradition of customized coins continues to flourish, they serve as a constant reminder of the unwavering bond among military personnel, fostering unity and camaraderie.

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