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Wholesale Pines Custom Metalicos Coffee Design Gold Plated Metal Custom Lapel Pin Soft Hard Enamel Pins


Wholesale Pines Custom Metalicos Coffee Design Gold Plated Metal Custom Magnetic Lapel Pin Soft Hard Enamel Pins

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Products Description
Item name  
Factory Direct Wholesale Custom Metal Enamel Lapel Pin  
Our services  
Lapel pins, challenge coins, medals, key chains, bottle openers, etc  
Brass, iron, stainless steel, zinc alloy  
Hard enamel, soft enamel, 3D, offset print, silk sreen print, etc  
Shiny gold, nickel, rose gold, silver; matte plating, antique plating, etc  
Pin back  
Smooth, sandy, gritty or with engraved logo  
0.8-3.0mm for pins  
Poly bag, PVC pouch, opp bag, plastic box, velvet pouch, etc  
Lead Time  
5-7days for samples
7-15 days for mass production after artwork approval
Shipping Method  
By air(FedEx, UPS, DHL), by sea, or by customer's agents  
Payment Method  
T/T, Western Union, Alipay and Paypal  
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Customer Praise
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Products Process
Coffee Enamel Pin  
Enamel Pin  
custom badge pins  
cheap custom lapel pins  


enamel custom pins  
Company Profile
custom pin orders
custom metal lapel pins
custom magnetic pins
custom lapel pins no minimum order
custom gold pins  
enamel custom pins  

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Enamel Pin

Coffee Enamel Pin

custom gold pins

The Timeless Charm of Coffee Enamel Pins and the Allure of Custom Gold Pins

Enamel pins have become a beloved accessory for many, allowing people to express their passions and individuality. From showcasing hobbies to commemorating special moments, these tiny works of art add a touch of personal flair to any outfit or accessory. Among the vast array of enamel pins available, coffee enamel pins and custom gold pins have garnered significant attention for their unique appeal. In this article, we will explore the enduring charm of coffee enamel pins and the allure of custom gold pins.

Coffee Enamel Pins: A Caffeine Lover's Delight

For avid coffee enthusiasts, coffee enamel pins have become a popular way to proudly display their love for this beloved beverage. These pins often feature charming and intricate designs, depicting coffee mugs, coffee beans, or whimsical characters enjoying a steaming cup of joe. The vibrant colors and fine details of enamel pins bring these coffee-themed designs to life, creating a visually appealing accessory for coffee lovers to wear with pride.

Coffee enamel pins offer more than just a stylish accessory; they serve as a conversation starter among fellow coffee aficionados. By donning a coffee enamel pin, enthusiasts can instantly connect with like-minded individuals, sparking discussions about favorite coffee brewing methods, exotic coffee bean origins, or the latest coffee shop trends. These small pins act as a tangible representation of a shared passion, fostering a sense of community and camaraderie.

Custom Gold Pins: A Touch of Luxury and Personalization

While enamel pins are often made with a base of durable metal, such as brass or iron, custom gold pins take pin collecting to a whole new level of elegance and sophistication. Crafted from high-quality materials, these pins exude a sense of luxury and exclusivity.

Custom gold pins offer the opportunity to create unique and personalized designs that reflect individual preferences or commemorate special events. Businesses can create custom gold pins featuring their logos or brand mascots, adding an air of professionalism to uniforms or promotional events. Similarly, individuals can design their own custom gold pins to celebrate personal achievements, such as graduations, weddings, or other significant milestones. The lustrous shine of gold enhances the design, giving the pin a regal and timeless allure.

The allure of custom gold pins extends beyond their aesthetic appeal. These pins hold sentimental value, serving as cherished keepsakes that can be passed down through generations. Whether displayed in a pin collection or worn as a statement piece, custom gold pins become heirlooms that carry memories and stories, evoking emotions and preserving moments in time.


Coffee enamel pins and custom gold pins capture the hearts of pin enthusiasts with their distinct qualities and undeniable charm. Coffee enamel pins provide a delightful way for coffee lovers to showcase their passion and connect with others who share their love for the beverage. On the other hand, custom gold pins offer a touch of luxury, allowing individuals and businesses to create personalized and timeless designs that hold deep meaning. Whether you prefer the vibrancy of coffee enamel pins or the elegance of custom gold pins, these accessories offer a unique opportunity to express oneself and make a lasting impression. So, whether you're sipping a cup of coffee or looking to add a touch of sophistication, consider the timeless allure of coffee enamel pins and custom gold pins for your next accessory choice.


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