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High Quality Custom Broach Pins Brouch Soft Enamel Pin


High Quality Custom Broach Pins Brouch Soft Enamel Pin

custom lapel pins cheap

Products Description
Item name  
Factory Direct Wholesale Custom Metal Enamel Lapel Pin  
Our services  
Lapel pins, challenge coins, medals, key chains, bottle openers, etc  
Brass, iron, stainless steel, zinc alloy  
Hard enamel, soft enamel, 3D, offset print, silk sreen print, etc  
Shiny gold, nickel, rose gold, silver; matte plating, antique plating, etc  
Pin back  
Smooth, sandy, gritty or with engraved logo  
0.8-3.0mm for pins  
Poly bag, PVC pouch, opp bag, plastic box, velvet pouch, etc  
Lead Time  
5-7days for samples
7-15 days for mass production after artwork approval
Shipping Method  
By air(FedEx, UPS, DHL), by sea, or by customer's agents  
Payment Method  
T/T, Western Union, Alipay and Paypal  
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custom logo lapel pins  
custom made enamel pins  
custom magnetic lapel pins  
custom pin badge  
custom.enamel pins  
customizable pin  


Customer Praise
Soft Enamel Pin  
Products Process
Enamel Pin  
custom lapel pins cheap  
custom lapel pins small order  
custom logo lapel pins  


custom made enamel pins  
Company Profile
custom magnetic lapel pins
custom pin badge
custom.enamel pins
customizable pin
custom lapel pins cheap  
custom lapel pins small order  

custom logo lapel pins  

Enamel Pin

Soft Enamel Pin

customizable pin

Exploring the Art of Customizable Soft Enamel Pins

Soft enamel pins have gained incredible popularity in recent years, blending style, creativity, and a unique form of self-expression. Loved by artists, collectors, businesses, and organizations alike, these items capture the essence of personal interests, company brands, and a wide range of causes in a small but powerful format. Beyond their captivating aesthetics, soft enamel pins offer the added advantage of being fully customizable, allowing every design to tell its own unique story.

One of the distinguishing features of soft enamel pins is their texture. Unlike hard enamel pins, these items boast a 3D-like quality due to the raised metal lines and recessed enamel areas. This offers a tactile dimension that many collectors and enthusiasts find appealing. Moreover, the intricate details that can be achieved with soft enamel provide these pins with a distinctive look, capturing the minutest features of the intended design.

Another remarkable attribute of soft enamel pins is their vibrancy. Due to the process of pin-making, where enamel paint is applied in individual sections, each color stands out, creating an eye-catching contrast with the metal lines. The resulting product is often vivid, dynamic, and aesthetically pleasing, captivating attention at first glance.

Customizable soft enamel pins offer unlimited possibilities. From personal designs inspired by favorite characters, hobbies, or personal mementos, to corporate logos and promotional materials for brands or events, there's a pin for every purpose. The flexibility of the design process enables the creation of pins in virtually any shape or size, with a plethora of color options and finishes including gold, silver, black nickel, and many more.

Creating custom soft enamel pins is a relatively simple process. Once you have a design in mind, skilled craftsmen transfer it into a digital format, after which a mold is created. The pin is then cast, polished, and filled with enamel colors. After drying, each pin undergoes a thorough quality check before it's ready for use. Some manufacturers even offer design assistance, ensuring that your vision translates perfectly into the final product.

But beyond the aesthetic and creative aspects, customizable soft enamel pins serve a larger purpose. For businesses and organizations, they are an effective marketing tool, perfect for increasing brand awareness or promoting a specific event or campaign. They can also be utilized as membership insignia, employee recognition, or even as a fundraising item for non-profits.

For individual users, soft enamel pins allow them to wear their hearts on their sleeves, quite literally. Whether it's showcasing fandom, expressing personal style, or supporting a cause, these pins provide an outlet for personal expression. And let's not forget the joy of collecting! Many enthusiasts derive immense pleasure from collecting, trading, and displaying pins of various themes and designs.

In conclusion, customizable soft enamel pins offer an artistic, colorful, and tangible form of expression that is as versatile as it is captivating. Whether you're looking to promote your brand, celebrate a special occasion, or simply showcase your personal style, these pins provide a unique and creative way to do so. Embark on your pin designing journey today and unleash the limitless potential of soft enamel pins.


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